#TravelDiaries: Do yourself a favour – Travel!

Travel cleanses. Travel liberates you from your biases and prejudices. It breaks you free from the emotional baggage that may have piled up. It teaches you to let go and move on. Like you move on from one place to another or back to your routine life however beautiful the place you are visiting may be. It makes you realize that moving ahead is the only way in life. Had you become attached to the first place you visited, you’d never would have seen other treasures that life would have had to offer. Travel exposes to you a world unlike your own but people very much like your own.

You see hope in places devoid of modern development. You see boredom in places which otherwise are perceived elite. You learn to live with what you have. You realize that in fact you don’t need most things you’ve been running to acquire in life. Life is so much more than “things”. It is so much more than what you thought as “right” or “wrong”. Travel teaches you acceptance of the place you’ve gone to and people you’ve met. It helps you loosen up and set yourself free of innumerable insecurities you’ve trashed in your head.

It makes you laugh at those immature souls who think liberation is all about sensual pleasure, unrestrained pleasure. Coz’ when you have traveled and witnessed different cultures/societies, you learn that one thing doesn’t change, the inherent nature of man and that of woman. Unrestrained pleasure only makes people more insecure and leads to more baggage and more emotional upheavals. Man, the animal, or more so woman the animal, is not mentally designed to take unrestrained pleasure, least in free sex without any sense of emotional connect or future stability. Even in societies apparently deemed free, what (wo)man seeks the most is stability and certainty which come through fidelity and affection and devotion and commitment.

When you travel, you see that the grass is not always greener on the other side. And where you come from is also not the worst in class or best in class (depending on your starting point). Most of all, you learn that no one or no thing can make you happy, only you are capable of that, and only your efforts can make you happy. It’s all about perspective. And at the end of the day, what really matters is that one peaceful sound sleep – that which nourishes you and prepares you to face the new day and new light with the curiosity of a child.

Travel, because all of us deserve to experience what Bliss is.


ॐ शान्तिः ||


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