Thanks but no thanks; India, our culture, our dharma is inherently pluralistic, dear Ma’am!

A friend had posted this link on facebook. The author, who currently resides in Canada rightly extols the diversity of Justin Trudea’s cabinet.  She is so much in awe that she expects her 2 home countries India and Pakistan to learn a lesson in inclusion from Canada. Well intentioned, I’ll say, but definitely not well informed . First of all, the inclusion Canada seems to be showing now, India has exhibited since forever. I think we Indians really don’t appreciate ourselves enough. Of course, we must never stop learning and improving but self flagellation has become a bit too much now-a-days.

But to put India in the same league as Pakistan is definitely outrageous if you not totally absurd. For starters, Pakistan as a state discriminates not only Muslims vs. others, it also discriminates within Muslims and by constitution has decided that Ahmadis are not  Muslims and hence liable for persecution. In Pakistan, the minority Hindu community has drastically fallen since 1947, either through forcible conversions, state  sanctioned genocides or emigration, Hindus who were over 10% of the population are today less that 2%. A quick google search will tell you the travesty of those who survive. In India, on the other hand, minorities are not just surviving but thriving. Not just in terms of population but in all other aspects.

But first, here’s the link

Here is my response to it:

“Nicely written and touching. The virtues of Canada that you enlisted made me look back at India. My intention is not to spoil the party just point out a few facts (with due respect to you and Kudos to Canada)which get dimmed in the motivated media din.Here are some facts I found

  1. Inclusion in Government – Great to see inclusion happening in Canada now and Justin T being led by a an aboriginal (the natives whose lands, resources, culture has been almost exterminated by invading Europeans). Therefore, it makes me proud when a backward caste guy like Modi gets so much love of the masses and becomes the Prime minister, In India, we’ve had Muslims Presidents (Kalam and others), Christian defence ministers (Fernandez, Anthony), Sikh PMs etc. An Italian lady has been at the helm of one of the national Party for the last 15 years+ (yes some of us weren’t happy about it but that hasn’t changed a thing, she continues to reign and is also well respected ).
  2.  Diversity and opportunity – our top actors, artists, musicians are Muslims, we love them, Amongst our biggest businessmen are Parsis, those taking care of us on the borders come from every community but won’t be unfair if I made a special mention of Sikhs. Some of our top notch cricketers are Muslims, with regards to caste, well I don’t even know what caste they belong to, don’t think anyone cares.
  3.  Why just diversity amongst religion, we have innumerable sects only within Hindus, we have 18 official languages. the number of Hindus who visit Ajmer Shariff and Haji Ali outnumbers the Muslims who do. (Our culture teaches us inclusion)
  4. What more we also have diversity in law, not sure Canada boasts of it – We have separate marriage laws for Muslims and the rest. The largest minority is allowed to have its own laws. (I definitely don’t support this though, as a secular country, all should have a uniform civil code, but that’s a different issue). We give subsidy for haj trips.

Are we perfect No? Do we have incidents of oppression of the underprivileged – Yes (though the example you mentioned doesn’t hold, the father set his kids on fire) Do we have communal tensions and riots – Yes we do (of course not always majority driven) But no citizen of India is considered secondary (eg, Ahmadis, non Muslims in Pakistan) . We also have a lot of hard work to do, we still have to fight against caste bias, we still have to work towards getting a Uniform Civil Code. We have to work towards law and order with lot more vigor and make the country safe for women and men and children. With a population, 30x of Canada, it is a tougher fight indeed.

Just like you have enough and more racial incidents/hate crimes in Canada and you can’t vouch for every Canadian, I can’t vouch for every Indian. There will always be such anti-social elements across communities. However unlike what media would have us believe, such hate is definitely not state sanctioned (likewise in Canada). But by and large we are doing fine. Our democracy is hale and hearty. yes there are motivated interests in the country who can’t stand the backward class Prime Minister.

Ending my response with a Genuine question – Has Canada ever had a Black Prime Minister or an Aboriginal Prime Minister?* (and with Pakistan, there is nothing to compare – no I don’t hate Pakistanis a bit, have friends who I love – but no can’t compare when it comes to diversity or inclusion or free speech or anything)”

*PS: No, Canada has never had any non-white, non-Xian Prime Minister, till date only White Christian Males have gotten this privilege, except once when a White Christian female got selected.

ॐ शान्ति |


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  1. Don’t take those Anti-Hindu seriously. The only time they will be happy is when we declare India as Islamic country, by the way which will never happen even in their dreams.


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