Of Joy, and sorrow and a prayer for tomorrow

Life is moving on a smooth fast lane

Not even a bump on the way, my speed knows no restrain

All material desires and hungers, life has quenched

Not a single reason, she has given me to complain


If there exists a barometer of happiness

My indicator will shoot through the roof unchallenged

The surge of bliss and storm of peace

Roll down my eyes, tears of grateful joy no sorrowful mess


Whenever I needed some support and care

Many a hands and hearts from oblivion came

Whenever I needed to vent and be heard

A kin, a kind stranger came by, to help me lay my heart bare


To be born to a mom, steadfast as a rock

She is one big reason, making me Me

Through her I learnt, to let go but not give up

That life is never unfair, but for our own biases and that mental block


Why then, on some peaceful mornings, does my heart cringe?

Out of guilt and unworthiness, do I even deserve this joy?

Life has been the greatest teacher, but a good student am I?

When you get, you must give back, I till now have only been on a binge


Death is imminent, an ode to life, her grace and treasure

A journey we’ll all make into the sublime that knows no measure

But before I embark on these adventures of ‘morrow

Please oh Shiv, let me touch a life, make a day, take some pain and leave some pleasure!

ॐ शान्ति |


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